Where does the power come from to:

  • overcome anxiety, depression and panic so severe that you cannot travel alone?
  • overcome agoraphobia and find the courage to leave the safety of home once again?
    rebuild a successful career and travel the world?
  • overcome severe emotional or physical adversity and go on to become a champion?

It comes from within you

These inspirational quotes and stories were stepping stones on my path to finding the power within me to overcome adversity and achieve a level of success and happiness in my life that I did not believe possible when I first began my journey of self-improvement.
Ray Cummings












The dignity we want in death will be the result of the dignity we had for ourselves in life. 

What this thought fails to address is the indisputable fact that none of us want to die!  It’s natural.  But so is death.  Natural. Necessary. Universal.  However, as we are not dead shouldn’t we be enjoying life?
Remember our once in a lifetime is here right now!

READY TO GO? Reminds us all how much fun it is to
have fun. Our refusal to believe in ourselves keeps
us from enjoying life. 

To enjoy a happy and peaceful death, live your life to the full.



Pursue your freedom of choice
When Julie Macken achieved financial freedom and quit her job, she felt enormously happy and prosperous. Having discovered that making money does not need to involve hard work, she wanted others to share her knowledge.

Although written by a property investor, this book is much more about the psychology of success than it is about real estate. Liberally spiced with stories that stir the emotions as well as material to stimulate the mind, the adventures and lessons in this book bring to light the essence of freedom that dwells within us all.

Many books about money aim to teach you what to do Footloose and Financially Free will inspire you to think for yourself










For the first time body, mind and spirit issues are
combined in one groundbreaking book.

  • Create the life you dream
  • Increase energy, health and vitality
  • Loose weight and gain health
  • Transform life's challenges into gifts
  • Reconnect with your true purpose
  • Create joy and peace

Be empowered by naturopath Janine McDonald's wisdom and passion and be inspired by her simple, easy-to-understand style.
Discover a clear way mapped out for you to reach higher-levels of health, happiness and wellbeing.

Everything you need to know to interpret your dreams accurately and meaningfully.

101 entertaining, easy to follow, information-rich tips, tools and techniques

  • Discover how to interpret your dream
  • Understand your uniquely personal dream symbols
  • Decipher your recurring dreams and nightmares
  • Accurately connect your dreams to your waking life situation
  • Uncover practical solutions to everyday challenges and issues
  • Stop those distressing dreams and nightmares
  • Programme your sleep to answer waking-life questions
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others
  • Discover meaning, purpose and direction in your life
  • Explore and deepen your spiritual awareness and path










If you're ready for a change, this book can give you the breakthroughs you need.

Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)—the powerful, fast-acting, professional transformational tool.
Then, in an easy-to-follow four-step process, find out how to:

  • set and achieve prosperity golas that motivate and excite you
  • use the Law of Attraction to turn yourself into a money magnet
  • clear all the fears, limitations, and negative beliefs that currently block your path
  • take inspired action to create theprosperous life you want.









How much do we really know about the Soul?
The human being plays an integral role in the evolution of the soul and in consciousness itself.

Humanity’s Role reveals the many facets of the soul’s development and the direct connection of the human being with its soul. Discover the Birthing of Human Life, the Power of Truth and the reasons for behaviour. Souls can only expand and grow through the human being.
Learn more about the Law of Attraction through the deep understanding of the soul and its relationship with the human being.

Elaine Croker, is the founder of Prime Tuning. Her groundbreaking, healing work is renowned internationally and she is regarded as one of the leading healers in Australia.


Learn how to make the connection between food, feelings and life—and lose weight.

Offering personal insights and an approach that works, Lose Weight Peacefully empowers you to regain trust in your body, recognise your real physical hunger, and learn how to deal with issues as they arise, all the while eating the food you enjoy.

There are no meal plans, exercise regimens or counting calories. Don’t waste any more time, energy and money on diets—they don’t work! This approach arms you with real strategies to
make the most of your life and lose weight at the same time!