Management: Inland Splendour is managed by an experienced and talented editorial and administrative team—a proven team that possesses a passion for a fresh new editorial and advertising approach.

Publishers: Mary Broadhurst and Helen Elward


Mary Broadhurst: Publishing and Marketing Director
With a background in customer service and sales, Mary learnt the best way to keep customers happy was to be honest and reliable. She spent much of her free time developing her writing skills until she couldn’t ignore the calling any longer. Since 1997, she has written many short stories, poetry and articles that were published in anthologies, popular magazines and newspapers, and reference books. Mary has been editing and proofreading since 2002 and has recently published her first book and is currently working on her second.


Helen Elward: Publishing and Creative Director
Helen, founder of Best Legenz Pty Ltd, is an experienced academic, university lecturer, teacher, and administrator. She took on the new world of self-publishing to produce a biography of Rugby League immortal Graeme Langlands MBE. The book became an immediate success, winning critical acclaim and impressive bookstore sales of 4000 in its launch month. Helen followed this success with three other highly acclaimed books.

Helen’s strong perfectionist streak saw her retrain as a graphic designer and she produces work of a highly professional standard.

What business principles does she hold dear?
“I always aim to treat others in the same way I’d expect to be treated. For me, that means maintaining honesty and integrity in all dealings in whatever project or business I’m involved. ”

Helen’s longstanding record of achievement began in academia, including nomination for history student of the year at university, a national award for excellence in teaching and was head of department. True to form as a high achiever, sports lover Helen gained coaching certificates in soccer and basketball. Other passions include her love of music and an enthusiasm for overseas travel. Above all, though, Helen is a people person and loves to communicate her knowledge and experiences to help others shine and achieve their personal best.


Kim Dixon: Image Editor

Kim Dixon is a lifetime photographer with over 50 years' experience who currently teaches photography. He specialises in preparing photographs for publication, restoring damaged and old pictures, and maximising the quality of digital and scanned images for printed and web publication. He studied photography at the University of Washington and has edited a great number of books and magazine publications both independently and for Best Legenz.

He not only has great experience, but has an eye for detail and takes meticulous care in seeing that each photograph published is the best it possibly can be, no matter the original source and condition.


Janice Hogg: Copy Editor
Janice found her calling early in life as a voracious reader of books, magazines, newspapers, peanut butter labels and whatever else was to hand. University studies majoring in English literature followed by a journalism qualification were natural next steps.

From producing scientific and environmental publications in New Zealand, Janice made the leap to computer magazines in Sydney for Australia’s largest magazine publisher. From there, she landed at a small client publishing house specialising in airline and lifestyle titles.

Following her goal to become a freelance editor, Janice has had a hand in polishing the pages on many of Australia’s top magazine titles from Vogue Australia and Vogue Living, Belle, Country Style, Better Homes and Gardens to Good Taste and Healthy Food Guide, to name a few.

Janice fulfilled an ambition to extend into book editing with Best Legenz’s Helen Elward. Janice delights in assisting authors on a one-to-one basis to make their books shine and sharing her knowledge on how best to express their ideas. “Working with Helen has been a dream,” says Janice. “Her commitment to crafting a professional quality result matches my own and I’m extremely proud of the books I have helped produce with Best Legenz.”