Best Legenz:

• gives valuable advice about the costs involved for independent publishers;

• gives a 'ball-park' costing at the initial consultation;

• charges a reasonable, upfront, fee for services offered;

• there are NO ongoing or hidden costs.

Initial consultation
There is no charge for the initial consultation.

General Cost
Every book is different and the cost depends on numerous factors. At the initial consultation we will be happy to provide you with an estimate of costs involved for publishing your book.

Scan pictures suitable for printing
$15 per black and white picture $30 per colour picture

ISBN registration
Once-off registration fee for new publishers $55 Single ISBN $40

This is a free National Library service

Printing and binding
Every project has different print specifications for size, quality, type of paper, number of pages, etc.
Once we know your requirements, we will be able to submit a cost for printing your book. For some projects it will be advisable to take advantage of the new technology and print on demand—this will dramatically decrease the cost of production.

It is important to consider carefully the number of books to have printed. A wise decision will ensure that authors make their money back.