When Prince Gray follows the beautiful fairy Kaylin into the enchanted kingdom, forbidden to mortals, she tries to make him return to his own world. Gray’s angry refusal causes Kaylin to magically freeze herself to escape his cruelty.

Enraged, the powerful dragon Nemesis curses Gray into the body of a troll and wipes all memory of his human life.

Prince Dylan discovers what has happened to his brother and sets out to rescue him. Although Gray at first rejects Dylan’s revelation, the seeds of doubt have been sown and he journeys to Nemesis to find the truth.

In a race against time, Gray must collect the magical elements Nemesis will need to unfreeze Kaylin, or be forever trapped as a troll.
























Three tales from the kingdom of Fair-Light

Tale one tells of the struggle between the forces of light and darkness. The highly spirited Aystanna, princess of Fair-Light, sets off on a journey of empowerment with Tucks, a rather clumsy elf. Together they take on the black magician who is trying to destroy their kingdom.

Llessur is a young and naughty goblin, whose mischievous spells come to an end when he is caught red-handed by the guardian of the forest, a powerful and beautiful white witch. Llessur learns three valuable lessons and then finds his world so much brighter and more colourful.

Egil Briemmier is born different and doesn’t fit in. One day he decides to run away to find a world in which he feels he belongs. This takes him on a journey of discovery and he meets Werdna the Great. The wise wizard helps Egil discover who he really is.








Enchanted by Bella, the Fairy of Pure Heart,
Prince Arthur follows her into the immortal world.
Angered by this, the powerful dragon Nemesis
captures Arthur.

To rescue her prince, Bella must complete
the Great Dragon’s Hunt, and collect five
magical tokens.

As Bella and her butterfly friend Teague
carry out her quest, they meet many
mystical creatures, including a witch
and a werewolf, elfins and leprechauns,
and two very forgetful goblins.