From his political activism and his practical support for striking seamen in World War II to his founding of Asian Airlines, his branding as a “threat to Australia’s national security” and his untimely death in 1948 at age 41, Kenneth Frederick Wong has earned a place in the history books.

The author’s careful analysis and portrayal of Wong’s life—and the mysterious events surrounding his death in 1948—will intrigue history lovers as it illumines this little-known figure in Australian events.

Echoes Book Three: Australia • China • Indonesia also offers readers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people and the politics of Australia, Indonesia and China in that tumultuous period of world history.




What am I to do?
… she challenged the empty night air as she sat huddled on the back step. Tears burning her face, she demanded of the silence that surrounded her. Why have I been put in the position where I cannot help those I love? Am I being punished? What have I done to deserve such pain?

Torn between the pleas for help from her dying father, and the never-ending demands of her mentally ill husband, Pauline was desperate to support them both. The thought of abandoning either of the men she loved racked her body with pain. To her husband Pauline was the enemy as he struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder associated with Vietnam. To her father she was a daughter who adored him since childhood.












Time For Truth is the story of Brisbane’s so-called infamous Mafia Don, Antonio Bellino, named by the Fitzgerald Inquiry as one of five people of interest who were allegedly involved in corrupting the Queensland Police Force.

On 12 May 1987, Antonio was accused of involvement in:
drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, corrupting police, sly grog, kidnapping children, Mafia connections and smuggling birds
overseas. Antonio was flabbergasted, "Are you serious?
Even Capone didn’t do all these things!"

The Fitzgerald Inquiry took two and a half years to complete. Antonio was never charged and is still waiting for his name to be cleared.
Prior to the media maelstrom generated by the Fitzgerald Inquiry, Antonio was well known as a family man and a charismatic,
high-flying, wealthy, big-time nightclub operator whose major
weakness was his generosity.

Antonio Bellino’s story is powerful as it is starkly relevant to this day. It is sometimes amusing, often violent, it highlights some of this country’s double standards of race priority and tall poppy successes as well as the age old injustice of 'guilt by association'.










In 1949, Australian-born Charlotte (Lottie) Clayton Maramis journeyed to Indonesia to join her husband Anton, a member
of KNIP, the advisory body to the country's new President,
Dr Soekarno.

Over the ensuing 13 years, Charlotte kept a diary in which she recorded in vivid detail, her life as a young bride in a foreign country, and the struggles of the fledgling Indonesian nation.

Now a retired journalist, Charlotte's engaging and insightful account of this dramatic time provides fascinating reading.



Echoes Book One is a fascinating story in the life of an Indonesian freedon fighter.

It is set in Sydney during the period 1942–1949, a time when World War !! raged in Europe and Japanese Imperial Forces threatened the PAcific regiion—a time when many nationals from foreigh countries found themselves in Australia. Among these nationals were some Indonesians, or as they were then clled, people from the Dutch East Indies. Many, serving with the Dutch shipping line KPM, took the opportunity ti make a strike for their country's independence and shed the shackles of 350 years of colonialism.

Echoes highlights their struggle and the support given to the cause by those Australians who believed that all men should live as equals.




Brillian scholar, passionate patriot and revolutionary fighter, daring explorer, outstanding educator and comitted Christian, Ignacy Domeyko was a truly multi-dimensinal figure.

His great-granddaughter, Paz Domeyko, has used his diaries and remarkable letter to write this fascinating story of her ancestor's life and adventures.
















Fashion, along with music, literature and art, is both a reflection of, and force for, social change.

In this delightfully witty romp through the world of Sydney fashion from the Swinging Sixties to the new Millennium, renowned photographer David Mist shares his unique vision form 'behind the camera' of a world of celebrity, fame and glamour.















'O Father Mine' is a heart-rending account of a family torn apart by evil forces.

An envious and manipulative woman who will stop at nothing—including witchcraft—to get her way, a loving and devout wife and mother who finds strength to endure what is unendurable, a vunerable and sensitive child whose idyllic world is plunged into horrow.

Erin Kelaart is a master storyteller.










The Will To Climb is the true story of the gripping life-and-death battles that took place on the 2006 Everest Expedition.

Christopher Harris started mountaineering with his father, Richard, at just eight-years-of-age. They made the decision
to be the first father and son team to climb the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents. To climb Everest, the highest of all mountains, was Christopher’s ultimate dream. This dream became a reality when businessman and adventurer Dick Smith funded an expedition. A successful climb by Christopher would make him the youngest person to reach the summit of Mt Everest.

The 2006 expedition was beset with disasters. Everest claimed the life of two expedition members and almost that of cameraman Lincoln Hall. The book includes extracts from radio conversations with Lincoln, which graphically describe the struggle to get Lincoln, and the other men with him, safely down the mountain.

The passion and emotion of these real life experiences make
The Will To Climb
an unforgettable and inspirational read.














The Wally O'Connell story is one of the most inspiring in all rugby league's years—and it is wonderful that it has been told in his own words in the pages of this book. Any young player struggling with difficulties in his own career would surely take strength from this tale of a young bloke 'beating the odds' to become a champion footballer—and captain of his country. — Ian Heads













Kelly was our eldest child and, from the moment she was born, was perfect in every way. When I first held her, the love I had for her was instant.

Kelly died on 10.10.2002.

Was Kelly's illness a result of what Carl did to her as a young child?
Did she get schizoaffective disorder because of her anorexia?
Why was the nurse from Accident and Emergency threatened with
the loss of her job?
Did the staff really have bad memories,or did they lie under oath?
Why did the document with Kelly's instructions stating that we should be told of any change in her condition have no date on it, and why did the hospital staff not tell me when Kelly’s condition changed?
Did someone change the medical notesafter Kelly‘s death?

The nightmares will go on and on.






The story of May Joseph written by family and friends as a present to May to be shared with present and future family members.

May Joseph story is that of a remarkable and surprising women who always puts the need of family and friends before her own and whose vibrant personality can never really be contained between the covers of a book.

Their friends and family wish May and John many more wonderful years together.






Dare to Look Deep is a story of courage and determination to overcome abuse and degradation.Belinda hid behind a multitude of personalities as she struggled to survive the mine-field of her mother’s mental illness and cruelty.

Falling prey to food addiction, alcoholism, and a series of damaging relationships, she grapples for a way out of the quagmire of her life.

A chance comment finally leads to her elusive moment
of truth.

Throughout Belinda’s endeavour to overcome her demons, the subtle but powerful influence her mother’s madness had over her early life continues to torment. Belinda bludgeons her way through life trying to find a sense of self, only to discover that the more she tries to find it the more it eludes her.

Only when she stops struggling, she discovers the way
to happiness


In the early 1990s, Elaine Croker discovered her unique ability
to heal.

While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick and dying
children, Elaine prayed for some way to overcome their fate.
Her prayers were answered. She has channelled a healing method called the Prime Tuning of Cells. Her six children are now well, and achieving happiness and success in their lives.

The many friends, family and clients who flow through her
home attest to her genuine abilities of medical intuition and
connection to inner wisdom.

You too can discover Who am I? as you travel with Elaine along
the path of The Discovery of Me.